I want you out of here! 
Imaginary boarders becoming real walls
A big, "beautiful" wall in the Mexican border"- Donald Trump

Uncle Sam is served as a symbol of patriotism, nativism and nationalism and is a personification of the United States´government. Concepts that belong to Donald Trump's political speech. 
As the Uncles Sam's poster created in 1812 was utilized to reclut people for war, Donald Trump's Political campaign is recluting people " To make America " Great" again" being against the concept of naturalizacion and the "American Dream" who every inmigrant is trying to achieve in the United States.


"We" can do it! 

Feminism as a political strategy
"Every survivor of sexual assalt deserves to be heard, believed and supported" -Hillary Clinton
"Except for those women who were raped or sexually assaulted by her husband Bill Clinton." -Samantha Chang

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States , representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during  World War II.  Rosie the Riveter is used as a symbol of  feminism and men and women's economic power. Concepts that belong to Hillary Clinton's political speech. 
As the Rosie the Riveter's poster created in 1942 was utilized as motivational propaganda aimed at workers of both sexes, Hillary Clinton's Political campaign is recruiting people " To be with HER" using feminism as a political strategy although  Clinton’s brand of feminism doesn’t align with this concept as a whole. 


Colombia, the god willing country
"This country is scandalized because one says Motherfucker on television, but it is not scandalized when there are children cleaning glasses and begging, yes, that is a folklore." - Jaime Garzón
Portrait tribute to the peace process in 2016, being the Colombian journalist and peace mediator Jaime Garzón (1960-1999) an important piece in the peace processes of the 1990s in Colombia and in the release of hostages held by the FARC-EP.
Besides of representing this martyr, who was assassinated by the Colombian government, represents in a mocking tone Colombia like the country of the Sacred Heart. Being most of its population catholic and part of the culture of magical realism, it also represents the culture of "God willing",  the concept of tradition as an excuse. Laws without spirit. Used masks. Especially when it comes to the traditions of the Catholic religion which has served and continue to serve the interests of power groups. Useful for the manipulation and dulling strategies of the masses. With this type of dead traditions people remain docile.
Not to mock a symbol of faith but to the fact that Colombia begins to put as a smokescreen the worship of the Jesus Heart in a country where values ​​and customs deviate from righteousness, solidarity with the neighbor, justice ... to alleviate the dictates of the new winds of the business of drug trafficking, politicking and socialism. A society that lips outwardly adores the Jesus Heart but behind the scenes admits the double moral, the vanity of the political class and the indifference towards segregation, supporting the social injustice, defending murderers arguing a thousand explanations, remaining indifferent to the pain of the neighbor, serving with interests very different from love and loving just those who can reward us.



" Peace is not only the absence of war, so long as there is poverty, racism, discrimination and exclusion we can hardly 
reach a world of peace "- Rigoberta Menchú

Rigoberta Menchú Tum is a Guatemalan indigenous leader, human rights defender and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1992). In addition to representing this indigenous leader, who knew injustices, discrimination and exploitation of indigenous people in Guatemala, represents the phrase "Changing gold for mirrors" which comes from the fact, real or legend, when the Spanish conquers arrived in America, between other things in search of the "El Dorado" , the lost city of Gold, and met with the indigenous peoples who were offered cheap jewelry, simple mirrors, in exchange for "valuable" gold.
In reference to this seemingly unworthy transaction, it is intended to reveal the implicit deception that was made with the experienced "connoisseurs" conquerors on the one hand and the naive "foolish" or innocent people, who for lack of knowledge were so easy to deceive . We must remember that objects have a meaning for the human being from the use that is given according to its context. Knowing this, we must ask ourselves : Who deceived whom?
See pictures of "Politically Incorrect" Exhibition in Cali, Colombia here.
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