Giselle Manzano Ramirez is an award winning Colombian Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. After studying Graphic Design at Universidad de Boyacá in Colombia, Giselle worked as freelance before flying over to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City as an internship candidate.

Her design and illustration collaborations with artists and clients include Condé Nast, Four32c, Circus Maximus, Brooklyn Center for the Arts, Francesca Khalifa, Judah International Dance Theatre & Candy Pratts Price, Creative Director of Vogue Magazine´s project CandyCast. 

Her illustration project Minimal Complex portraits gives the chance to the viewer to contemplate the paradigm and human simplicity through graphic elements. The viewer can appreciate the before and after decomposing the careful and complex process of creation through triangles of different sizes and colors. Giselle takes into account light, shade and volume to give them life. It has received press from national and international media such as Adobe Illustrator, DesignTaxi, Digital Arts Online and Fubiz among others.

She spends her time between Design commissions and Illustration exhibitions. As an aspiring paper engineer, she illustrated and developed a children´s pop up book to teach English a Second Language, reinforcing the role of the graphic designer and visual communicator in early learning and education.

You can reach her in the contact section; She is available for collaborations and freelance inquiries!

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